Imagine… calming lapping waves, a dramatic rocky coastline or a vibrant, neon-lit cityscape spread out in front of your home or work place. Now, visualise smooth floor-to-ceiling windows blissfully free of disruptive profiles or frameworks. Façades that seamlessly create a fluid transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, resulting in rooms that are clean, open and bursting with light. Living areas which allow you to breathe, as well as grant an unsurpassable view which will continue to mesmerise for years to come.

Whether for a contemporary country estate, luxury villa or downtown office, our tailor-made solutions bring together sleek and well proportioned aesthetics with architectural-grade perfection. As premier leaders in the design and manufacturing of windows we’ve created anything from a stairway to heaven to a 40 metres length façade. Talk to us about your dream-project and what it is you have in mind, however ambitious. We have the team, the technology and the know-how to transform your ideas into crystal-clear reality.



Exchange ideas on site-specific ways to frame nature and extend living spaces.



A customised system bringing together light, air, practicality and transparency.



A balanced visual solution merging indoor and outdoor spaces, seamlessly, elegantly.

product lines

Home of Horizon

Black & Light, Line and Infinite are the result of extensive research and cutting-edge in-house technological development. These innovative lines do not only strongly emphasise aesthetics, simply and unobtrusively but also deliver on the highest functional level. Care and accuracy in the design process combined with thoroughness down to the smallest details during construction culminate in top performing facades: mechanically, visually and environmentally.



Carretera de Manacor, 272
07198 Son Ferriol
Palma de Mallorca · Spain

Telf: +34 971 428 895
Fax: +34 971 429 178

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